I am as ordinary and extraordinary as every other human being on the planet.

I have had the great good fortune to have many brushes with death, both real and imagined.

Where I sit writing this description of a complicated life in a simple way is that there is nothing in my past that tells you who I am in this moment.

“Sometimes I actually see outside of my reality. I seek that vision as often as possible.”

I have felt so very alone and so profoundly connected. Both are valuable. Both are reality.

My preference is to not be attached to either. To be in joy…To enjoy both.

I also live as though this could be my last moment….Well, I wish I lived that way all the time, I suspect would be 

I am clear about one thing…..There are MANY ways to see what is happening in the moment. There is NO real reality. There is only perspective.

My business cards say….A Flexible Mind is a Wonderful Thing To Taste….Choose…..

I prefer to choose the perspective that is macrocosmic…The big picture.