I had a lot of wine this weekend

The best wine
Among 30 bottles opened at a party on Sunday night  was a 1981 White Bordeaux
I realize, that every time I decide I want to do something and I don’t, gave me an opportunity to make myself wrong.
And there is no amount of wine or lack of Yoga that is as harmful as self judgement
I have begun my path of recovery to eliminate self judgement…………………………….


There is how I want to do it and there is how everyone else wants me to do it
Sometimes I am everyone else
I make promises to myself and don’t keep them
Im ok with that because I don’t like to be told what to do
Even if it is myself doing the telling
How can my past self tell me what my present self desires.
It is always based on what I don’t want to do again
I haven’t done yoga.  I am going to start tomorrow
I had too much wine.  I am not going to drink for a week
Another bad date.  No more online dating
But for me every morning is a fresh new start
Every moment history blends into wisdom
And a whole new opportunity to make promises
That I may or may not keep