W hen does it start?
That flame that ignites the soul.
Or the numbness that extinguishes it

I cannot remember a time when I believed that I was creative
I knew I was talkative and later that became the ability to communicate
I knew I loved beauty and chaos would shut me down
But knowing to your core that you can whip from the frenzy of a frenzied mine a work of art that has people pause and contemplate
Move them to say
Or cool
Or even amazing
Long have you been an artist

So you become a writer when you write and an artist when you create a work of art
When an expression that has never been born is birthed and becomes a being on its own right

That happened to me
It started a few months ago when I took a 3 hour class with Tara Dixon
She called it talk and response art
I love Tara and I loved the process
I was a kid in a candy store
Months later I had the great good fortune to be in a 5 day creative workshop with the amazing Roseline Koerner

Fly Me to the Moon


I created a few pieces that were equally as easeful and artful

But it wasn’t until my month as an artist in Carmel and a workshop with Holly Roberts that I found my medium
Acrylic and collage

The fun began
I learned some wonderful techniques, most of which I have forgotten
But most of all o learned to create

Eye See You

Reaching For the Infinite